Yes, I admit it. I watch ANTM. I was really late when I started watching, though. I really only started   watching it last year or so. I don't see most of these girls as real models, though. Except maybe for Ann Ward. But I really love seeing the talent they bring on the show from super stylists to revered photographers. And it is entertaining and good brain-dead TV after I've worked a long hard day and want to turn my brain off a while. For this round of America's Next Top Model, I was really rooting for the "plus-size" model Kasia Pilewicz. First of all, they need to change that label "plus size", because anyone who's worked with models in the industry knows...they all look like super stretched-out 12 year olds. Sticks.  Really TALL sticks. Models don't usually look like anyone your age unless you're 12. They don't usually look anything like a "normal" skinny person. Or, on occasion they might look totally normal...like when I met Karen Elson one night at a Dazed party when I was still writing for them. She looked like a Dead-head from high school. I hardly recognized her. (She was super nice, btw.) So Kasia, for me, is pretty unique and I love love her personality. She carries herself well and her style is amazing.

I read a few interviews with her after her departure and she really laid it out there...that she was shocked (as were a lot of people) when she got cut and that they made her look "awkward" when she was posing, because apparently they used footage when the photographer wasn't even shooting and she was re-adjusting herself or whatever. I don't know how excited I am to watch the rest of this season now that Kasia is gone. I hope she gets a lot of gigs from her exposure on the show, even though she's already shot for cool pubs like V mag. We'll just have to hope and see.♡

kasia in V magazine....loving it!
loving her.
something about her.

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