I absolutely LOVE some of the things about this video for a make up tutorial from/for Bourjois cosmetics. Bourjois seems so lovely. I think they used to carry it in the U.S....but I can't find it at all. Which sucks because it's such a cute lovely girly brand. This video is for a "Parisian Ballerina" look. Which is a lovely amazing idea in the first place for a look...plus the make up is gorgeous and gorgeously applied, and the coloring of the entire piece is really pretty....but...BUT the music is awful and I think the editing could be better. Because everything else about it is so pretty. I mean, even the make up is really pretty...I love the soft pink face with the black nails. Well, you can see what you think. If you like the music, awesome. But if you feel like there's something mismatched about it, then you can start the video below and then play the Bourjois video with the sound off and watch it that way. That's what I did. Yes, I'm a weirdo. But all creatives are. ;) OH and PS...Bourjois! Please either send me product or please start selling in the United States again! I'd love to have access to those lovely compacts! They look like little bonbons! And I really do love so much about the video...but just not the music or the editing.♡

OK...so start the video below first (it's old old classical! just a first thought. i'm sure if i thought about it for a while more, i could have come up with a better match...perhaps.)...then start the video above but turn the volume off. ta-da...new soundtrack.

more makeup monday ♥ ladurée beauty

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