An exhibit I am definitely going to go see is at the LA County Museum of Art. It's a collection of photographs of the late and great RIP Elizabeth Taylor in Iran, taken by then-young-art-student Firooz Zahedi on a trip sponsored by Iran Air in the 70s. For me, a Persian girl into glamour, these images are amazing. Really and truly. Especially the ones where she is wearing a traditional tribal outifit . Can't wait to see this show. There is a video below where the photographer, Firooz Zahedi, talks about the images and the experience.♡

at the tomb of Persian poet Hafez
taking pics at Persepolis in her awesome bellbottoms and peasant top
that's elizabeth in the upper left wearing a traditional "chador"... love that pic.
in front of Shah Chirag Shrine
the tomb of the poet Sa’di
outside of a mosque in Shiraz
having tea in an old tea house in Isfahan

what a gorgeous gorgeous pic with liz taylor wearing the gorgeous colorful outfits of the villagers...look at the color of those eyes. insane.
gorgeous tribal outfit that villagers wear...on liz taylor...in iran...in the 70s. too amazing.

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images from vanity fair

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