I'm totally surprised. Not only do we have a couple new videos back-to-back from Lisa Eldridge on vintage cosmetics....but she's made one of them ANOTHER look with BIBA make up! I LOVE watching these. And I'll probably watch them at least 1000 times. I especially love this look...it's a look I haven't done in a really long time because it's not something I can do everywhere for everything. But a few years ago when all I did at night in New York was go from event to event to party to party, I had a lot of opportunities to be dressed in my best. And I did do a very orange-copper halo around my eyes just like this. But only using one color. And I think everything I was wearing was black usually...so I'm happy she's showing us something similar. By the way, links to the other videos in Lisa Eldridge's Vintage Make Up series are below...♡

PS...SOME OTHER STUFF NOT MAKEUP (IT'S A RAMBLE SO STOP HERE IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE): I am also planning, maybe, to start another blog that has more writing. This blog hasn't really been a good example of my writing. I don't write this way in my magazine stories. Nancy Girl is meant to be fun and informative for a specific girl or boy. The new blog would still talk about fashion, maybe, or other things, but I'd be writing more. I dunno. We'll see. Blogs are strange. Especially if you're writer. And a secretive ninja kind-of writer at that. Because on the web, you really need to open up a little bit  and you have to also hope that people give a s♥♥♥ about what you're writing. I will keep you posted, but I might start it a little sooner than I thought. I'd also love to give any advice I have about doing the things I've done to anyone starting out. I also know a lot about art, too, and might even start an art blog. Though blogging takes so so long. Really. I pretty much ramble on here and it still takes a while. :) So we shall see. x

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