I'd been hearing about a couple of Dermalogica products I had never tried before. So I decided to go ahead and try them because they sounded amazing. A long time ago, maybe five years ago, when I was with a bunch of magazines, Dermalogica sent me a ton of product. I wish I had taken them more seriously back then. I know I used a lot of their products and I don't know what I did with the rest of it, but now that I'm really familiar with them, I wish I had that big box of product. The only thing I have with me is the Barrier Repair, which I'm not really sure how I feel about. I will have to do some more reading about it to really understand how it works. But onto the new products I just bought and LOVE and think you ought to try, too.

First is the Dermalogica GENTLE CREAM EXFOLIANT . Wow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It's main active ingredient is lactic acid. And I am telling you that I felt like I had a major facial including some microdermabrasion after I used this mask. My skin felt new and fresh! I am hooked! And I am even planning on buying this for my mom as part of her Mother's Day present. I was lucky enough to ask for it at the local beauty shop because the nice sales girl said they have a special in a pack. So in the pack you're basically paying for the Gentle Cream Exfoliant and you get two other products to try for free! The entire pack is valued at $66 and sells for $36! Such a great deal.

What you get, in addition to the regular size exfoliant, is a SKIN HYDRATING MASQUE (which I haven't tried yet, but I will very soon) and a SKIN HYDRATING BOOSTER (which I have tried and do like, though not sure I would purchase alone...it is a little extra something you put on your extra dry skin areas). 

The other thing I purchased on the same day and love is the Dermalogica SKIN RESURFACING CLEANSER which also has an active ingredient of lactic acid. Now, I couldn't use this all the time because it would really dry out my skin. But I was advised to use it a day or two days a week. (The exfoliant mask I am using once a week.) This is equally amazing for a little (what I call) quick facial. Really fantastic. And to use it once or twice a week will mean this tall bottle will last a long long time. It's not cheap, but if you're using it for a long time and it gives you good results, then I think it's totally worth it. (I forgot to mention...I have very combination skin...I am more normal to dry...but I will break out if the product has goop or fragrance crap in it and I can get oily if the product doesn't work with me.)

I was lucky because my mom had me on a skincare regime from a very young age...maybe 12. But my skin, aside from its issues, does look really healthy and young. But these days, I've been learning so much about new technologies and I am loving these products so I had to share them. You can purchase them here . The 3-pack is available on Amazon.♡

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