I AM DYING. I mean, in a good way. Lisa Eldridge has really given it to us. This week she is going over vintage make up! And the history! And she has the BEST taste! She even says she's going to do some vids and blog posts on...BIBA! Now if you read this blog or have read this blog a bit, you will notice some of my most popular blog posts are the ones on the old/vintage make up...including BIBA. And you know I love a bit of fashion history and sociology here and there, too. I almost always manage to squeeze a bit of it in if I can and have the time. So I am freaking OUT about this. So all week I will be posting her videos as they go up. She started today and there are already TWO videos. And they are both amazing. You don't believe me? Just watch. x♡

And below is amazing first era...victorian-1930s!

this is a NANCY GIRL vintage make up special!

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