Yep...One very iconic American clothing brand and one equally iconic cosmetic brand will team up to launch and market a beauty range in 2012. Not familiar with Coty Cosmetics? I was actually planning on doing a full post on Mr. Coty in the near future because I know a lot of great little stories about him and his wife (Lilly Daché) who I'll also be covering (I know an amazing story about Lilly Daché that someone who knew her personally told me!). So I'll save most of the stuff for that. But, if you've ever taken a stroll through your local drugstore's makeup aisle, you will have most likely seen time and time again a pretty little round powder box covered in cotton puffs. THAT'S COTY. It's their famous staple AirSpun Loose Powder. That sounds pretty smart. Calvin Klein is red hot right now, and it's genius for them to relaunch their product line, but do it with someone who knows cosmetics. Now I wish Marc Jacobs had teamed up like this, but maybe in 2013, we'll get to hear about that. (PS New school CK isn't really very Nancy Girl...but vintage CK (a la Brooke Shields--and Coty--sure is!)♡
iconic AirSpun Loose Powder from Coty Cosmetics
isn't the package so cute? i'm so glad they never updated it.
vintage coty cosmetics adverts

vintage CK ONE adverts...CK already rules it with fragrance.
one of the best ads ever...Brooke Shields for Calvin. my mom had some of her old wwd's and i know we have this in a box somewhere in the garage.

more makeup monday ♥ perfection equals cherry

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