OK. First of all, it's pretty obvious by my first name that I'm Persian. And by my blog it's easy to tell I'm a history freak. As well as being obsessed by pop culture. And I do love a lot of the history of the art and style and culture from Iran. (But not what's going on there now. I miss the  way it was when I  look at old photos of my mother and father from the 60s and 70s....before the revolution.) I'm also a huge freak about rad wedding dresses...vintage wedding dresses. At one point, I wanted to start a vintage wedding dress company just for all the cool/hip girls I knew who weren't doing things the normal way with the ugly puffy things girls wear now. One thing a lot of you might not know is that Yves Saint Laurent designed the wedding dress when Farah Diba married the Shah (Reza Pahlavi). And when YSL passed away, Farah attended his funeral. Apparently, she remained very close friends with him. She sat in front, near the French President and his (tacky) wife (ahem). Here are a couple of images that are pretty cool. I love this stuff. I hope you do, too.♡

Farah's fitting at Yves Saint Laurent's salon for her wedding in 1959 to the Shah of Iran.
This YSL wedding dress is def fit for a Queen. I wonder where the dress is now. Or if it still exists. It might have been destroyed during the revolution. So sad. You can see YSL looking over the finished dress and smiling.
You can see this part in the video below.
Such royalty. And glamour. Love it. Too bad it was before my time.
And here's some really rough video...but at least you can see the dress "live"...

 And Farah attending the funeral for Yves Saint Laurent. She still looks glamorous. And very sad.♡
Farah Pahlavi (on the left) at YSL's funeral services.

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