I saw these first shoes, TOPSHOP's gold-capped "snake" pumps, and I went back in time. They're not as high as mine, but I used to have (I think I still have them in a box in my old room) a favorite pair of party shoes...really high black pumps with gold tips. No one else had those heels and I'd wear them with really tight tight spandex dresses. And it took me like 40 minutes to do my hair UPSIDE DOWN! I was so so young. I can't believe I was even allowed to leave the house like that and go to the Sunset Strip! I know these aren't super Nancy Girl shoes...but they immediately reminded me of that time. They should be higher and if they didn't have the snake imprint, they'd be better maybe. And the gold tips could be a bit smaller. But I get where they were going.

I think if I relived that era (well, I still kind of live that era :) ) I'd maybe choose the below shoes from Miss Selfridge for only £55. Cute studded heels. When I get a chance, I'll do a post with all my old party shoes. I have them ALL!

pretty cute for the price especially!
aren't these hot?
OH AND PS...if you're in the States...hope you have a lovely lovely holiday (I'll be watching old movies and eating mashed potatoes...and drinking!)♡

images from topshop and miss selfridge

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