How many pieces can you count that you actually like? I can count about 3 that I think are worth the the trek and would be really cool to own. But the video is cheeky, fun, interesting...it's good for the collection.  I think one of the best things about the video is the styling of the hair on the girls. Lots of good hair looks. And....does anyone know if those maid dresses are actually part of the line or just for the video? Minus the aprons and maybe even the Peter Pan collars, those dresses are hot. I think the maids are really cute in the Lanvin x H&M fashion film. You may have already seen this like 100 times. But I wanted to post in anyone in case you hadn't. Plus, I really liked it. I'll make next week's post a film post. From one of my favorite films.
Ev er. 

Oh...I read a post recently on a friend's fashion blog about how she hates fashion videos and she doesn't get why they even make them (hi!)...well...people make fashion videos because THEY CAN. It's the year 2010....it's a new medium. And, maybe a lot of the videos (I mean yeah...a lot of the videos) suck or are boring. But it's the new thing right now. It's going to take time for people to get it. And some people are. Like Gareth Pugh . I think he does great branding and showcasing of this collection in the videos he's done (or Nick Knight at SHOWstudio.com). It's just like anything new that breaks into the scene....there are going to be a ton of mistakes before you see a ton of brilliance. The web isn't just for 2D visuals. The entire point of the web is that you can do so so so much more. So much more that's not even been tapped into yet. THAT'S the point of fashion videos. She probably hates this Lanvin for H&M video, too. I don't think it's the best thing ever. But I sure think it's a great effort.♡


Anonymous said...

yep, the maid dresses are part of the collection. and yes, minus aprons and the peter pan collars.

spotted at No. 30 ;]


montronix said...

thanks!! ♥