Well, at this point it's pretty obvious if you're an awesome designer with a studio in Paris, there will most like be a box of freshly delivered macaroon cookies from the iconic patisserie Ladurée. But now it seems like all the designers are doing collaborations with the cookie dream makers. (Yes Yes...I know it's more than a cookie.) For their latest collab, Monsieur John Galliano had them create a macaroon inspired by his new fragrance (great cross-promo, non?), Parlez-Moi D'Amour, with the same notes found in the scent...Rose and Ginger. Or, Rose et Gingembre (ahem). The Galliano Macaroon must taste heavenly and the boxes def do look like Galliano.And even a bit Dior. If you are in Paris, do let me know what they taste like. Even if you don't work in a fashion design house. And PS...more Ladurée news on Monday!

Here's Galliano discussing his choice to use Taylor Momsen for the fragrance. I didn't meet Taylor when we shot all the kids from Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park because she was already off to New York to start working on Gossip Girl. But she seems a little sketch for such a young kid. So dunno...

And here is the song the name of the fragrance was most likely taken from. Really lovely song...would be nice to have a box of the Galliano Rose-Ginger Ladurée Macaroons and lounge on a chaise in Paris while listening to this song. Sigh.♡

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images and release from http://laduree.fr

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