I don't know if this is going to really translate in the photo, but I promise if you still own Revlon's now-discontinued lipstick is Strawberry Suede, then you will LOVE LOVE Rimmel's Kate Matte lipstick in the color 109! I bought a couple of the Revlon lipsticks from Ebay after hearing makeup maven Lisa Eldridge swoon on about it. And yes...it is as amazing as she says. A very strawberry-stain, coral lip color. It's amazing. But the other day I was looking at the new Kate colors Rimmel recently came out with (I love the formula and the smell of these and I think they compare to any high end lip products...), and I was immediately in love with the color 109, which is a pinkish coral (like Strawberry Suede). On a whim I decided to swatch them next to each other and I was pretty surprised to see they look almost identical. The Rimmel lipstick is a teeeeeeeeny tiny bit less red and less matte and maybe a teeeeeny bit more coral. But once you blot the Revlon lipstick, they look pretty identical. I mean, they really look identical. If the textures were identical, it would be even harder to see. 109 is just a bit lighter, as I have said. But they could be sister lipsticks, so to speak. So I sent Lisa Eldridge a tweet and she replied immediately with joy! Let's see if she likes the Rimmel color enough to include it in an upcoming vid!

on top: revlon strawberry suede...on bottom rimmel kate in 109. natural light. on my lips, they look the same.
both lipstick blotted...top revlon's strawberry suede and bottom is rimmel's kate 109

lisa eldride and her strawberry suede obsession.

revlon strawberry suede (from the thesundaygirl.com)

here's a better swatch of the rimmel 109 i found online. look how close that is to strawberry suede!

If you loved Strawberry Suede, trust me and try Rimmel's Kate 109 lipstick. I don't know if it really shows how similar they are in the photos. But in real life and on my lips, no one would know the difference. ♥

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Stella said...

I'm so glad I found this because I also had the same thought after finding 109 and absolutely LOVING the color. AWESOME! :-)

montronix said...

awesome. :) it's a bit more pink than strawberry suede. but i was pretty amazed the first time i swatched them on the back of my hand...like i mentioned. i thought they were pretty darn close. and anyway...i love 109. it's a great color and texture! xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! I was heartbroken when strawberry shade was discontinued, will have to check this dupe out. -Nicole

montronix said...

you're welcome. it's not exactly the same. but i was shocked at how close they were in real life. i think that someone came out with a dupe recently. but i can't remember who...i know it has the name berry in the name. anyway, 109 looks really strawberry on me! :) x