OMGooooodness, people. Are you in for a treat! A super duper tasty visual and mouthful Hawaiian special from Amy Davis' Fashion and Food fun blog YUMMY DRESS ! She has totally outdone herself and you will no doubt go broke ordering all the goodies she lists (she includes all the links! And so many are Kawaii!!!!) Plus...the foood...the fooood! Plus just read her writing. I mean, it's just an amazing  blog all around from her taste and picks in fashion to her makeup (I especially always pay attention to her makeup because she is a Glam Goddess) and her food tastes are exceptional...plus, she always includes some veggie version for us vegetarians (and now Paleo's). She even makes poi sound good! I am showing you ONE of the fashion bits from the post...but the below illustration (by her of course) isn't even the main attraction! It's just a bonus!!!!

i wish i could draw half as good as she does :)

I am so so so wanting that Happy Haleiwa* bag!!!! (*Pronounced Haul-eee-eee-vuh.) I am so bummed I didn't ask Amy where to go when I went to Hawaii (Oahu) a couple years ago for like two weeks!!!! But next time I won't go without asking her for a list! Or else, I can just check out the CRACK SEED post on her blog and get all the info there! 

Enjoy! She's at a movie premiere (she and her man Jon Moritsugu to promote their new film plus their band is playing a show in Chi-town!)...and I can't wait to see what that trip will inspire for the next Yummy Dress post! ♥

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