I have to say that aside from maybe a handful of looks (or less really), I loved the Valentino collection for Fall 2013/2014. Though some of the dresses look very very Red Valentino (but are surely priced 4 times as much of Red), I still loved them. They even did one little dress that would be one of my dream wedding "gowns" as you will see below. I read their influence as Finnish, and maybe so. But then maybe the influence for Red Valentino was also Finnish because there's a lot of the similar detailing in both. I also love all the T-strap flats. Gorgeous and pretty. One other note, though I love love all the little black school girl dresses and I'd wear them in a hot second, they did remind me of one little Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family. But...that's okay.

the original wednesday addams

i love this but with the braid it's so so wednesday addams.

looks story book/fairy tale to me.

finnish details...love love esp with the red shoes!

i always love these simple chic dresses that they do for valentino.

an amazing little dress for a bride! i love short 60s wedding dresses!

i think this look and the one below are very very valentino...even though some people might not know that.

love a good prairie valentino.

more tuesday tailor ♥ prada spring promos

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