I love everything Wes Anderson does...every since I saw Bottle Rocket in the theater. I could only hope one day that he'd make a film from something I write (I think I'm taking some screen-writing classes next summer! Weee!) I also love Roman Coppola and was supposed to interview him eons ago for Intersection magazine, which fell through sadly. I can't remember why. I think he wasn't going to be back to the States in time. But we had a great set up planned with a kissing booth at Venice Beach. Too bad that didn't happen. These boys have mad (Frenchy) style...they get it. They know this Francophile candyland like the back of their hands. So of course when they've been put together to create a new campaign film for Prada's Candy fragrance, it's going to come out amazingly well and funny as hell. Really. Just watch the clip(s) below. I guess for TV they'd break it down into three...and, like me, I am sure people will want to see more of the story after they watch this. I'm not even a fan of the fragrance, but this makes me want to buy it! The only thing critical I have to say is that Prada is Italian, but the entire premise of this campaign is French. Which is strange. Nevertheless, I love it and I love the casting, too. Everyone is gushing over Léa Seydoux, but I think it's the dudes...played by Peter Gadiot (Gene) and Rodolphe Pauly (Julius)...who are going to become HUGE stars after this. They're amazing. I think they're also styled after Jacques Dutronc...esp the hair!

And PS...here is a list of the music in the clips because it seems on YouTube that everyone is asking:
Le temps de la rentrée - France Gall
L'Idole - Jacques Dutronc
Il est 5 heures - Jacques Dutronc

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