I stumbled upon this film by accident. And I'm always really surprised when I find a film I haven't seen before from this era and especially starring Sandra Dee (I have seen pretty much all of her films and the Gidget and Tammy ones I've watched hundreds of times). This film was simple and likable. But the best thing about it was the set and...the fashion!!! It's loaded with fashion. It's that Breakfast at Tiffany's era where I suppose everyone was trying to make a film that featured cool 60s clothes and interiors. This one surely delivered. If a film is kind of simple but has exception clothes and hair and makeup and furniture and everything else, and especially if it's from the 1960s, then I can watch it easily. It can even be a bad movie and I'll be happy to watch it...and take notes. I can't find the full film on YouTube or anyway, but maybe you can Netflix it. I did, however, manage to take a bunch of screen captures for you below. And PS Sandra Dee has the most perfect face. I don't see one actress today who can compare to her. At all. It also stars Bobby Darin, who was a teen heartthrob and singer back then, as well as Donald O'Connor, who was a big star (having been in big time films like Singin' in the Rain).♥

i would kill for this apartment. all of my furniture is from this era. pretty much.

nyc apartments haven't changed.


i especially love the pink outfit with the giant bow on the right side of the screen. it was amazing.

there's a reason why everyone is dressed like this...you'll have to see the film.

more sunday matinee ♥ mcqueen movie

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