I have no idea what Cover magazine is (there are so many new magazines these day and they all kind of could be the same magazine...one long one), but that doesn't matter. You might have just seen this is you sub to Fashion Gone Rogue. I think the model is a bit to 12-year-old thin...but the makeup and hair color is awesome. My hair is now a bit lighter or a lot lighter than this. And these are my favorite colors for face. Especially the lips. It was such a great story, I had to post it up. 

A little later today, I'm going to do my post on a really good dupe for the sadly discontinued fave red color of Lisa Eldridge, Revlon's Strawberry Suede (how could you discontinue a lip color with such an awesome name???). The dupe I found is a very very VERY good match. So good, in fact, that I tweeted Lisa and she was super excited about it. I have another bit to post up later, too, more fashion-y like. 

To see more of the below story, go here. The makeup artist on this story was  Anya de Tobon. ♥

more makeup monday ♥ petra kozina

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