I always love what Victor and Rolf do. I think they know what they like and they know what their brand is about and they know their girls. I love their theatrical craziness, but I also loved this more simple Fall 2013 collection that was in the same consumer category that say...Valentino is in now. Which is also genius. I love all the uber 60s micro-mini action and I actually own a few vintage pieces and we hemmed up almost that high (as high as we could go without my showing any bits and pieces) because that's such a great Twiggy/Paraphernalia era of the 60s (only they had matching panties to go with those tiny dresses back in the day). 

I also love how much darkness is always in the collections. They team usually have this very dark Lolita undertone...or a stormy version of Little Bo Peep. I have no idea where this crazy dark Goth part of me is coming from (I just colored my nails a very vampy blood purple color...when I thought I was married to my toffee browns!)...but I like it.

i love that leather skirt, but i could never wear it...i'm too small and curvy.

oh how i love these super 60s suit-type looks...militarian...is that even a word? and julia nobis is working so much this season. she must be rich at this point.

i love these giant bow tops a la marilyn and diana vreeland. but i don't know how many girls can pull it off under 5 foot 10...

another one of these 60s military looks that i love. feels almost balenciaga-ish.

i love this. but as a coat it would be nice, too.

love it but not with those shoes.

i love this top so much. but again, if you're a small person, i don't know how you would pull it off. plus, i have a chest...these extra things on me don't exactly flatter anything.
i kind of like this scratched look in black and white. reminds me of stephen sprouse.

i hope this gets knocked off. because i LOVE it!!!

more girl friday ♥ nina ricci fall 2012

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