There's always something to modest and very Hollywood (in this case, a very Katharine Hepburn-esque vibe who was also trés modest in her way of dress) to everything Marco Zanini does in his designs for Rochas, and especially for the Fall 2013 collection. Rochas is a label that I can't really see myself wearing, but somehow I am its biggest fan. I think it's created with great thought and precision and intelligence...and respect. I think Marco Zanini is a genius and a risk taker and doesn't feel all women need to be sexy-sexy seven days a week. It's for those smarter girls you're too intimidated to go up and talk to so you just compliment her shoes instead. Every season I look forward to seeing what this house will showcase and every season I fall even deeper in love.

soooo pretty.

even the eyebrows/makeup were classic audrey and katharine (hepburn). the perfect Rochas girl look.
this season loads of designers are giving us these monster silhouettes...so so 90s!

so old hollywood to me.

so so audrey (another hepburn)

gigantic oversized again. you have to look like a model to wear anything like this.

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so so pretty and very vintage to me.

marco zanini!

katharine hepburn
katharine hepburn

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