I just got another lovely animated Valentine...this time from another one of my favorite artists...EUN-HA PAEK. And...I just discovered she has an entire ceramic range, which I never knew about. I think I did something on her for Nancy Girl a long time ago. I'll have a look and link it here if I have. She has one of my all-time fave little animations which is magical and fantastical and eerie all at once. Now I know the universe is telling me to start my art blog! :) Hmmmm....could not find the post. She did, however, draw a little lovely something for a story I wrote on my other blog TEENY TINY FICTION...you can see that story HERE. And you can watch L'Faux, the animation I love love so much...even though it's very old now...HERE.

Okay..onto the lovely little Eun-Ha animated Valentine!

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