I received these two lovely little animations this week from two artists I really love and have been into for almost 10 years now (I can't believe it!...actually I think with Kirsten Ulve it's been way longer than 10 years!).

The first one is from an email from Kirsten Ulve, the most amazing illustrator that I am sure you've seen works from somewhere in your life at some point because she has done a lot! There will be an interview on Nancy Girl with her as soon as she comes up for air.

The next one is from artist Megan Whitmarsh, who has been making these little cute animations as of late. She's well known in that art "scene" I was a part of (as a journalist). I thought I'd include it, too, because it's sweet and aesthetically lovely.

This also makes me want to (finally) start my art blog...because, in addition to being a fashion editor and pop culture writer, I was big with covering the art boom for over 10 years...I've interviewed pretty much everyone except say Shepard Fairey and Twist AKA Barry McGee (because they had already been in every magazine on the planet). I have good connections and I miss writing about these kids. SO I am going to finally (most likely) take the plunge and get my art blog on! Stay tuned and have a lovely lovely Valentine's Day!

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