I love everything Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri are doing for all the divisions of the Valentino label/brand. But I especially love this very little sister (or something like that) of the brand, Red Valentino, and the dresses some of my friends and I used to dream about. Of course the styling and backgrounds are always dreamy. And there's a bit of sauciness, too. I don't know how much longer I can get away with wearing little tiny dresses, but I'm going to do it until the clock says to stop it. :) I read in the review that for the Fall 2013 collection they took their inspiration this time from Hansel and Gretel, or their own interpretation. They also said that the Red Valentino brand is for a customer who likes to have more fun with fashion and so it is....see more of it here. I just chose the dresses I love or I love visually as a former magazine editor/writer and an art director. Listen, I love those knee-highs but of course not everyone can do it. But pretty much all  of these can be warn with some black tights, no matter how short they are, and you'd be totally fine. (OKAY...yes, I might also love this collection because I was in a Hansel and Gretel school play when I was very little, where I played one of the gingerbread children who came back to life after the spell was broken and the witch was shoved in the oven. :)♥

one of my total favorite dresses.

more thursday stuff  ♥ victoria beckham ss 2012

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