I have to say that although I had a crazy busy/exhausting week, I was still able to follow the shows and I wasn't super excited about much...even though we're in Milan now. :( I'm going to do a post right after this one on the Prada shoes...I love that brand, but I can't see anyone wearing anything in that show. But I've been happy to see some of the mainstream mags have been covering Berlin Fashion Week, which was happening recently, too. I was pretty into this designer named Lena Hoschek and her Heidi kind of collection (well, it looks a little like Dolce and Gabbana...sort of). There was a lot to choose from in this line...though, they need a new stylist and the hair and makeup were bad (sorry...but it can be way better if they get new hair and makeup people). But look at some of the pieces below. Some of them are so so pretty. You can view the rest of the collection here.

bad hair. bad makeup. but some cute elements and colors.

it's cute. but again, not the hair or makeup.

the dress and the shoes would be enough. they didn't need to add that scarf thing. but the dress is super pretty. and the shoes are cool.

cute little dress.

this dress is so pretty.

the dress is nice. but the hair and makeup. no.

the dress is so pretty minus the big flower belt thing? and the hair. she would have looked better with natural makeup, a bold lip and flowy hair.

more stuff here ♥ giles fall 2012

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