I found out about this film, Modern Girls (from 1986), by accident one night. It was playing on one of those channels that shows all these weird old movies I've never heard of before. But the second I started to watch it, I was hooked. All the shots filmed in LA (probably around '84 and '85), the eccentric exaggerated fashion, hair, costume, music, clubbing...didn't really seem exaggerated at all. I mean, I was still a little kid during this time in Los Angeles, but I do remember it being as eccentric as it is in the film. I remember all the older kids with their crazy thrown-together outfits and ratted and sprayed hairdo's (and don'ts), and the raw dirty vibe of it all. It all seemed/felt so natural and real...not contrived. Not cookie cutter. I mean, this was the beginning of a new era coming off the late 70s hippy and New Wave scene. (I especially love the opening credits in their 80's fonts and teal and hot pinkness!)

 If you are fascinated by fashion and Los Angeles from the 1980's, then you will love this film. It's silly, of course, but has some big names who were probably just starting out (including Virginia Madsen, Daphne Zuniga and Cynthia Gibb...though Gibb was already very well known I think, having been in so so many movies back then).  I also think that Bruno X is actually supposed to be based on Billy Idol or a character like that. The soundtrack is really awesome (totally awesome), too...I remember a lot of these songs on the radio (KROQ if you're from LA). Anyway...if you want something light on the brain but full of visual candy, stay tuned. Part 1 is above, but I will link the rest below. Happy Sunday!

Other parts below (there are 6 videos all together):

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(vegan black metal chef's music is on the book trailer for my novel!)

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