Let me break it down for you...if you hate disco and anything disco, but you love the majority of the shoes from the Prada Fall 2013/14 collection, then I am sorry to tell you, sweetie, that you love disco. Because those shoes are WAY WAY disco. That said, I didn't totally get this collection. I didn't get the baby shades of pink and blue gingham prints...for Fall. I didn't get the giant fur trimmings (I think that's kind of cruel and a total waste of a life...I mean, I don't know if you need to hang  dead animal on your arm cuff necessarily...and I guess I should say I don't buy new fur. I have fur and it's all vintage. But I wouldn't buy new fur probably...and not something where it's needlessly at the cuff. It's a waste of a life to me. I dunno...it was just weird to me.)...

I also liked SOME of the shoes and hated some of the others. And I really dislike that tire-track bottom on some of the shoes because it makes them look really low-end and ugly. But there were a few that I loved so much. Another thing I want to point out is how much these shoes resemble Marc Jacobs' shoes from around like 10 years ago. I actually own a few, they have the same shape, the same height, that same disco vibe (and anyone who knows MJ shoes, knows they look a lot at old pics of Donna Summer for inspiration).

so hot. so disco. so high up! i'd feel tall in these! these are pretty hot. they're almost KISS-ish.

i think this coat is pretty. even though i'd never buy it. but at least it's not a waste of an animal in that it's not just a cuff of fur. i don't know how to articulate what i'm feeling here, so don't hate on me.

i love this disco shoe. love it!

so hot.

so pretty.

looks good...that gold and that bag and the black.

so i don't know about this shoe because of the track bottoms. i hate that.

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i love this shoe!

i love that black. i hate the bottom of the shoe and that track bottom.

undecided. but i have a marc jacobs shoe that's essential the exact shape of this. only it's black and gold.

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