I had another long long long day today...and I was waiting to see some of the new show pics posted from Paris Fashion Week and I was so excited to see some of my favorites BRINGING IT! I'll post tomorrow most definitely (Yea Rochas!)...

BUT BUT BUT....I was on my way somewhere, passed by a Sanrio shop and saw these KISS (AS IN HEAVY METAL GODS) Hello Kitty T-shirts in the window!!!! I went inside...they have bags, necklaces, badges, key chain stuff...I will prob break down and get the one with all the faces...but I want one that's on a guy's T-shirt. I don't really like those little girl-cut tees. I had to snap a couple of photos for you. I think I am loving these. I'll take a picture of myself in it when I end up getting one (just one) and my new BLONDE HAIR. If anyone wants to tell me Heavy Metal isn't ruling it again, I think this proves everyone is doing it. (If you're just reading this blog for the first time, you'll maybe notice I wrote a Heavy Metal novel...that you can check out here.) I always knew Hello Kitty was a Hesher. \m/

KISS lyrics on a hello kitty t-shirt! crazy!

i want this tee but on a dude's tee...not a girl cut tee...so it looks more like a tour tee. hello kitty ace frehley!

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