Double your pleasure, double your fun! Charlotte Tilbury, the master of the "feline flick" and other fancy things like doing all the Tom Ford campaigns and Kate Moss' signature look, now has a series on Net-a-Porter (genius) along with her regular posts on her blog and YouTube channel. I'm trying to master her look...I used to (like a million years ago before I left LA) wear a lot of makeup (as all girls in LA did and do) and could apply a feline flick while driving my Jeep on the freeway during rush hour. Then I left LA and makeup changed in the early 2000's where natural was the best you could do...no mascara, no major makeup anything. And maybe my boyfriend preferred me like that anyway. But now it's back and I'm so happy I'm not an old lady yet and can still do these amazing crazy looks. Sexy looks. Below is the Net-a-Porter video that just went up on their own YouTube channel (genius way to get thousands of subbers immediately) and then below that is a new video that went up on Charlotte's channel which features the most gorgeous makeup on dark skin that I've seen in ages.

Grab your eyeliners and good luck!

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