Here we go again. The shows keep posting and I'm still bored. :) I can't wait for Marc Jacobs. Seriously. :) 

Although I was a little confused by Charlotte Ronson's Fall 2013 collection, which seemed a mosh of Chloé, Erdem and maybe Celine, I did like one little dress with a very very very Persian print. Looks like she literally saw a Persian box with this technique called Khatam (phonetic) and duplicated it to a tee. No matter. I still love it. Khatam is a technique where the artist lays different layers of wood and materials down and then I guess slices it on the ends to create those little dotted designs. It's a  very very old Persian art tradition. Wikipedia describes it a little better than I do:

Khātam (Persian: خاتم‎) is a Persian version of marquetry, art forms made by decorating the surface of wooden articles with delicate pieces of wood, bone and metal precisely-cut geometrical shapes.

I have a little catch-all jewelry box I use for my rings and things that my grandmother gave me with the same technique picture below). So of course I love this little dress. Persian...represent!

Because of this technique, pretty much everything made is one of a kind.

my box looks a little like this.

more girl friday ♥ united bamboo ss 2012

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