I read a bunch of reviews from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 show on some very "reputable" sites who kept referring to this collection as so very '70s....! To which I bristled and got annoyed because I don't get how these people get hired. What exactly from this collection looks 70s to you? One of these newsgroups (a real newsgroup) actually ran a different review the next day with a very prominent "'60s" in the headline. Thank goodness someone finally knew what they were talking about. :) I thought this show was awesome. Though it was much better to watch in the video/live stream than view in these stills. I think it's very fun, wearable, everything is going to sell out and the boy model with long hair RULED! (He's so badass!) It's nice to that sometimes the diffusion line gets a little classy and isn't always so sportswear-ed out, because really young girls (and boys) today are so sophisticated...they'd actually dress just like these models were styled. 

My favorite looks are the white print dress and the all-black look Lindsey Wixson is wearing. But I loved everything, pretty much. I don't own a lot of print pieces, but the ones that I do own are mostly from the Marc line and they always look really rich when I put them on. You can tell they're an original textile and not some mass market thing. I'm doing another post, too, after this on the hair and details because I just love that huge frizzed out 'do (which maybe could be a little 1970's, but it's still very '60s) and that plastic red pout (which is so easy to achieve now with all the new products out mimicking this look). The other thing I love about this collection are the heels. I am definitely getting me some of those. I can't wait for the MJ show now!

i love this look.

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Anonymous said...

I love these hairstyles. I can't wait until I can grow my hair out long enough to rock this style!

Kate from Clear the Way