I was looking forward to seeing the new Sergio Zambon collection, because if you read this blog or have been following this blog, then you know I love this designer's vision. You can see some of the older posts on him here. But Paris Fashion Week is upon us (YEA!), and I haven't seen the collection. So I ended up doing some research and found out his debut with the house of Galitzine was this season. What I read is that they're known for their "pajama palazzo" concept...I don't know a thing about the house or anything about pajama palazzo (which I guess means they're known for their palazzo pants?), but I do love the very very (always) 1960's vibe that Sergio instills into everything he does (for women). Here are a few bits I could find about the debut capsule collection online. (And the Makeup Monday post will go up a bit later today...it's a good and long one...or two.)

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