Ostwald Helgason is a brand I've never heard of actually. The name alone attracted my eye, but it was the few bits mixed together and the look of the models that really drew me in. OH (as I am now coining it) is based in London and created by two designers, Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason (though I'm not sure if Ingvar is a man or woman's name?), and apparently they've already garnered the attention of some of the best tastemaker boutiques. This brand really strikes me as one of those uber cool labels like a Bernhard Willhelm or Marjan Pejoski or even Eley Kishimoto, who have fan bases and are always featured in a very chic and cool way in magazines like Dazed and Confused (which I wrote for for 5 years at least) or featured on sites like Colette (which I am sure we'll see). It's definitely a brand I'd be pitching stories on and trying to incorporate into fashion shoots if I was still a magazine editor (stay tuned for that). I think piece-by-piece, the label is really lovely. And all together it still looks like the cool girls who go out with those hot famous skateboarders would show up at an art show in something from OH. Totally.


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