There's always something to modest and very Hollywood (in this case, a very Katharine Hepburn-esque vibe who was also trés modest in her way of dress) to everything Marco Zanini does in his designs for Rochas, and especially for the Fall 2013 collection. Rochas is a label that I can't really see myself wearing, but somehow I am its biggest fan. I think it's created with great thought and precision and intelligence...and respect. I think Marco Zanini is a genius and a risk taker and doesn't feel all women need to be sexy-sexy seven days a week. It's for those smarter girls you're too intimidated to go up and talk to so you just compliment her shoes instead. Every season I look forward to seeing what this house will showcase and every season I fall even deeper in love.

soooo pretty.

even the eyebrows/makeup were classic audrey and katharine (hepburn). the perfect Rochas girl look.
this season loads of designers are giving us these monster silhouettes...so so 90s!

so old hollywood to me.

so so audrey (another hepburn)

gigantic oversized again. you have to look like a model to wear anything like this.

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so so pretty and very vintage to me.

marco zanini!

katharine hepburn
katharine hepburn

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I love all things Undercover because Jun Takahashi's work is always more like an art show than a fashion show and there is usually a very prominent tongue-in-cheek factor that's not so shy about being known. There are always fun exciting elements and great crafts and bits and pieces that anyone obsessed with Japanese culture or being uber tastemaker will ulitmately own (and probably buy from Colette's website). This collection had a slew of evil bunny masks, which I of course loved, plus a lot of rib cages which reminded me of Spinal Tap and crazy trenches with grommets and evil eyes peering at you.  There were also a lot of looks sculpted from shirt collars! Genius!

they see you!

chic shirt collars!

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Double your pleasure, double your fun! Charlotte Tilbury, the master of the "feline flick" and other fancy things like doing all the Tom Ford campaigns and Kate Moss' signature look, now has a series on Net-a-Porter (genius) along with her regular posts on her blog and YouTube channel. I'm trying to master her look...I used to (like a million years ago before I left LA) wear a lot of makeup (as all girls in LA did and do) and could apply a feline flick while driving my Jeep on the freeway during rush hour. Then I left LA and makeup changed in the early 2000's where natural was the best you could do...no mascara, no major makeup anything. And maybe my boyfriend preferred me like that anyway. But now it's back and I'm so happy I'm not an old lady yet and can still do these amazing crazy looks. Sexy looks. Below is the Net-a-Porter video that just went up on their own YouTube channel (genius way to get thousands of subbers immediately) and then below that is a new video that went up on Charlotte's channel which features the most gorgeous makeup on dark skin that I've seen in ages.

Grab your eyeliners and good luck!

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I had another long long long day today...and I was waiting to see some of the new show pics posted from Paris Fashion Week and I was so excited to see some of my favorites BRINGING IT! I'll post tomorrow most definitely (Yea Rochas!)...

BUT BUT BUT....I was on my way somewhere, passed by a Sanrio shop and saw these KISS (AS IN HEAVY METAL GODS) Hello Kitty T-shirts in the window!!!! I went inside...they have bags, necklaces, badges, key chain stuff...I will prob break down and get the one with all the faces...but I want one that's on a guy's T-shirt. I don't really like those little girl-cut tees. I had to snap a couple of photos for you. I think I am loving these. I'll take a picture of myself in it when I end up getting one (just one) and my new BLONDE HAIR. If anyone wants to tell me Heavy Metal isn't ruling it again, I think this proves everyone is doing it. (If you're just reading this blog for the first time, you'll maybe notice I wrote a Heavy Metal novel...that you can check out here.) I always knew Hello Kitty was a Hesher. \m/

KISS lyrics on a hello kitty t-shirt! crazy!

i want this tee but on a dude's tee...not a girl cut tee...so it looks more like a tour tee. hello kitty ace frehley!

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I just thought I'd do a quick post on one of my favorite makeup and hair looks from the season thus far...the big ass air and plastic plastic red lips at Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013. I absolutely loved it. I wish I had somewhere to go where I could wear my hair really big like this. It's a look I more associate with a Sonia Rykiel show...I always love the hair at her shows. But It worked so well here with these looks...that very late 40s/early 50s sock-hop vibe. I also loved those uber uber plastic red lips...and I was actually looking for the new Rimmel Apocalips lip laquers the other day so I could replicate this makeup. (I couldn't find them...yet.) I would love it if straight irons would go out of fashion and gigantic big hair came back again as it was in fashion in the 70s disco and the 80s metal eras. :)


loving this. this is so so me. though my hair is much lighter now.

she could just as easily be wearing a tube top or a cut-off acdc t-shirt with that hair.

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I was looking forward to seeing the new Sergio Zambon collection, because if you read this blog or have been following this blog, then you know I love this designer's vision. You can see some of the older posts on him here. But Paris Fashion Week is upon us (YEA!), and I haven't seen the collection. So I ended up doing some research and found out his debut with the house of Galitzine was this season. What I read is that they're known for their "pajama palazzo" concept...I don't know a thing about the house or anything about pajama palazzo (which I guess means they're known for their palazzo pants?), but I do love the very very (always) 1960's vibe that Sergio instills into everything he does (for women). Here are a few bits I could find about the debut capsule collection online. (And the Makeup Monday post will go up a bit later today...it's a good and long one...or two.)

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I know tonight is Oscar night and I normally do an Oscar fashion post or film or something...but this Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2013/14 show was uh-may-zing! They really know how to kill it when it comes to Italian fashion. I own a couple of things by them. My favorite being the most perfect and skin tight very very Sophia Lauren meets Bardot 1960's pencil skirt. It's been loaned for a lot of fashion shoots and commercial shoots (when I was in New York) because it's just that amazing. It looks like something out of a drawing or film. But I would definitely love love love to own anything from this show...especially all the sparkly pieces and those high platform shoes. Just gorrrrrgeous!

Happy Oscars! It's supposed to be a special one. I am literally around 20 minutes or less (driving) from the venue. And from what I have heard, sounds like they've closed the street off since this morning. Word on the street is they're supposed to be doing it up new-style this year. I just hope someone wears something exciting! Not all boring boring boring and those boring updo's.

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Let me break it down for you...if you hate disco and anything disco, but you love the majority of the shoes from the Prada Fall 2013/14 collection, then I am sorry to tell you, sweetie, that you love disco. Because those shoes are WAY WAY disco. That said, I didn't totally get this collection. I didn't get the baby shades of pink and blue gingham prints...for Fall. I didn't get the giant fur trimmings (I think that's kind of cruel and a total waste of a life...I mean, I don't know if you need to hang  dead animal on your arm cuff necessarily...and I guess I should say I don't buy new fur. I have fur and it's all vintage. But I wouldn't buy new fur probably...and not something where it's needlessly at the cuff. It's a waste of a life to me. I dunno...it was just weird to me.)...

I also liked SOME of the shoes and hated some of the others. And I really dislike that tire-track bottom on some of the shoes because it makes them look really low-end and ugly. But there were a few that I loved so much. Another thing I want to point out is how much these shoes resemble Marc Jacobs' shoes from around like 10 years ago. I actually own a few, they have the same shape, the same height, that same disco vibe (and anyone who knows MJ shoes, knows they look a lot at old pics of Donna Summer for inspiration).

so hot. so disco. so high up! i'd feel tall in these! these are pretty hot. they're almost KISS-ish.

i think this coat is pretty. even though i'd never buy it. but at least it's not a waste of an animal in that it's not just a cuff of fur. i don't know how to articulate what i'm feeling here, so don't hate on me.

i love this disco shoe. love it!

so hot.

so pretty.

looks good...that gold and that bag and the black.

so i don't know about this shoe because of the track bottoms. i hate that.

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i love this shoe!

i love that black. i hate the bottom of the shoe and that track bottom.

undecided. but i have a marc jacobs shoe that's essential the exact shape of this. only it's black and gold.

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