So...what does it mean when a fashion mogul like Betsey Johnson  files for bankruptcy....are they really that down and out over at Betsey Johnson? I remember when girls actually went to that store as a destination on their day of shopping...that it was a great experience and even I, too, asked for a really expensive leather coat from her brand a million years ago. But maybe somewhere they got too into the brand and never looked out into the world where all the Uniqlo and American Apparel and other fast fashion shoppers actually live? I mean, how many girls in the 21st century do you really see wearing hot pink fishnets with day-glo yellow floral dresses? It's all very early...90s.

Paraphernalia boutique circa 1967. Betsey Johnson in centre with ruched sleeve mini dress.
Still, I wanted to pay my respects to Miss Betsey Johnson because her roots come out of the Mod fashion scene and her brand and boutique called Paraphernalia. Once upon a time in a vintage shop in the East Village, I stumbled upon a vintage Mod felt dress laced with giant white rick-rack and donning the massive PARAPHERNALIA label. I still regret not buying it. I think it was only around $160. But I was a broke writer in New York at the time. I was with a load of fashion magazines and a fashion editor...but that still equals broke. :) So let's take a look at some of the cool things Betsey Johnson did with that Mod label and all the cool girls who wore it including Edie Sedgewick and Jean Shrimpton (one of my favorites....Mac used to have a lipstick called SHRIMPTON that I would love to own right now). I have some other really great photos I have to find...I used them when I was pitching something for a big denim brand about specialty boutiques.♡

betsey johnson back in the day...in new york city, 1970.
betsey johnson

vintage 60s paraphrenalia dress selling for around $500 on ebay. i would love it if someone made this dress for me!
or this vintage dress. love it so much! i think i have similar...
vintage betsey johnson for paraphernalia around 1969...i love that rust color. it became a big color in the 70s.
love this one, too. love love. i would die if i found this at a yard sale or thrift store..!
edie sedgewick in a betsey johnson for paraphrenalia dress.
vintage 60s boho "ballgown" designed by betsey johnson for paraphrenalia
i love this look so much. i loved the era where all the cool hip girls wore little mini shifts like this. and i'm pretty sure this is twiggy.

more tuesday tailor ♥ gaultier biker "vest"

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sistermorphine said...

I ADORE your writing. Thanks for keeping the torch of 60's fashion burning brightly. You are correct-the fresh faced dolly bird is Twiggy aka Lesley Hornsby. However,I believe the gown worn by Edie where she is dancing at a Rascals' show,was designed by Rudi Gernreich. However Edie did wear may of Betsey's designs. In fact,Edie was a fitting model for Betsey 's Paraphenalia label. I recently belated saw FACTORY GIRL and I'd love to watch it again JUST FOR THE FASHIONS!!! I could rant on and on,but the main point I want to make is how Edie looks so MODERN even today! Truly iconic!