I was actually really surprised at how popular the post I did a while ago on vintage Cosmopolitan magazine covers from mostly the 80s and early 90s was with the readers. I didn't realize everyone else would be as interested in these gorgeous magazine covers featuring gorgeous REAL models (and sexy models at that) mostly shot by Scavullo. So I thought I'd do another one because there are really a ton of hot magazine covers during this era for this magazine. I also really love the headlines. I wish my mother never gave away her massive magazine collection (which included a ton of these as well as Vogue and Mademoiselle...a magazine I'll do a post on at some point because it's so sad how they shut it down). Anyway...here are some more covers just because they're so hot.♡

a 1979 cover featuring PATTI HANSEN...who married the Stones' Keith Richards. Theadora and Alexandra Richards are her daughters. she's pretty damn hot.
model Beverly Johnson
a 1985 cover featuring one of our favorite 80s/90s super models RENEE SIMONSEN who used to date John Taylor of Duran Duran back then.
another MAJOR cover girl from the 80s and 90s, model FREDERIQUE VAN DER WAL...i am pretty sure she was one of the first Victoria Secret catalog girls, too. this is from 1986. when do you see cover girls who look like this anymore? they're all 12 year olds.
another GIA cover from 1980...hiding her track marks.

i believe this is KIM ALEXIS from 1980

aaah...ESTELLE from 1988. i had forgotten about so many of these models. she was also a VS model.
ELLE MCPHERSON from 1985. she looks pretty good right now even though she's been around a while.
i think i remember this cover with model RACHEL WILLIAMS from 1991.


CHRISTY TURLINGTON (now Mrs. Ed Burns) 1991

LINDA EVANGELISTA from 1991...looks like a very Versace dress to me. she was recently in the news. her ex is Salma Hayek's man (one of the richest men in the world) and she was in court duking it out for child support. she still looks amazing.

PAULINA PORIZKOVA 1991...she married Ric Ocarsick (jk! Ric Ocasek from The Cars)

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER from 1991. see how they used to have a little meat on their bones?

RENEE RUSSO (the actress but back then model) 1979


another FREDERIQUE cover from 1988

more girl friday ♥ model yasmin warsame


C Chery Rose said...

love your blog page

montronix said...

oh thank you...that's so so nice of you to say.
thanks so much! xmt

harry king said...

OK you say Gia, hiding her track marks, I did many of these covers as a hairdresser, did all of Gia's, inaccurate about the track marks except for the one when she's sitting