I just love it when they send me these Marni linesheets and you can see the entire collection all together in one lump. Makes for a great story of styling and branding and girly things. I was going to do a post on Samantha Pleet today and we've reconnected. But I think that initial post on her will be on Friday and then she'll reappear again in the future as most of my creative fashion friends do. 

Onto the Marni Fall Winter 2012-2013 Collection:

FOR ME...I can quite easily click on the above linesheets and enlarge them after they open up in another window...in case you can't do that and you also can't drag it to your desktop (on your computer) and open it that way to see it larger, here are some blow ups below.♡

more tuesday tailor ♥ maxime simoens

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