I was still sad about the loss of MCA AND Maurice Sendak (which I'm posting something about this weekend) and then BAM....I heard the news about Vidal Sassoon and his battle with leukemia. What a genius. These are the people who sometimes get forgotten. I mean, women had the ugliest hair-dos and old fashioned styles before he came around with his FIVE-POINT CUT. He helped ring in the Mod scene which continues to be a staple style...it just never goes out of fashion. I did a post on the documentary which you can see here...but I had to say something, even though it's such sad news. I grew up hearing those commercials with the tag line, "IF YOU DON'T LOOK GOOD, WE DON'T LOOK GOOD." :( RIP Vidal Sassoon.♡

vidal sassoon cutting mia farrow's hair....how famous was and is her famous famous pixie haircut?

vidal sassoon and actress janette scott

andy warhol in vidal sassoon advert. amazing.

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