I wanted to do a post on DONNA SUMMER as the news is out that she has sadly passed on at a very young age...onoly 63. She was a big part of my childhood and a little bit of my teen years because some older cousins loved her style so much. I used to look at her records (some of which I own now because I buy a ton of old records from the thrift store) and I do love the fashion in all of them. If you've ever watched the Marc Jacobs documentary, you'll remember that Marc's shoe designer talks about how much Marc loves Donna Summer...he even goes through a stack of posters, pictures and Donna Summer albums and then cross references them to some of the Marc Jacobs shoe designs. He says that Marc did invite Donna Summer to one of his shows, but she declined. She came from one of my favorite eras in fashion...the late 70s and early 80s. So of course we have to take a minute to look at how and why she was the queen for so long. Way before there was a Beyoncé, there was a Donna Summer. :( ♡


love love

love love love gorgeous

probably one of my fave looks...that looks very ysl.


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