My new favorite product right now is the SKIN79 BB CREAM in the orange container which is actually called SKIN79 SUPER+ TRIPLE FUNCTION BB CREAM. I am now going to order a couple of other ones (the one in the pink container and the VIP Gold version, too, to try them out). This is my second experiment with BB creams. Everyone has heard of them, so I'm not going to rehash for you. I'm only going to tell you what I think of this easy-to-use product. First of all, I had watched a few videos on YouTube about these creams to make sure I knew what I was ordering. I wanted one with more functions, but more coverage was also a really big feature. I have a lot of pigmentation sort of because I used to spend days and days on the beach. Even though I never tanned my face (we California girls usually put a towel or hat on our faces and just use bronzer later on to get the tan glowy look), there is still a lot of sun stuff coming up. Plus some acne scarring. I am a low maintenance girl...but these days it takes a lot more work to look low maintenance. Which is why I was attracted to the BB creams. 
my new favorite product ever. ev er.

I ordered the Skin79 BB cream on Amazon. I did my research first, making sure the seller was selling legit real authentic product. Apparently there are loads of fakes out there. Do your research. There are plenty of blogs and videos that show you how to authenticate the right ones. I was so happy mine was real. But I didn't get the two samples it said I would get with it. Oh well. It was also really affordable, compared to maybe my other favorite foundation, Chanel's Lift Lumière. I think it was under $15 (!!!) in fact. 

The packaging is AWESOME. I love love love it. It feels like Barbarella makeup or something. It's very modern and stays clean. I hate when my makeup gets icky messy around the top etc. 

The coverage of the triple function one is heavier, but it really melts right onto the skin. It's a bit light for my Mediterranean olive skin, but it's not so bad that I look odd or anything. It really looks great, stays on all day, doesn't cake. The only thing is that I have drier skin and sometimes I need a bit of moisturizer before I put it on. It covers a lot of imperfections, including my reddish nose (which I hate :) . I really really love love this product so much. On top of everything, it's a triple function product. It has an SPF of 50 (which I don't exactly know who would need that, but I like it! Especially when I go running in the sun). It helps with wrinkles...getting rid of them that is. And it also has a whitening ingredient which is great if you're like me and have acne scarring and pigmentation. 

here's an advert for the bb creams. the makeup is gorgeous.
This is my new favorite. Did I already say that...a couple of times? I will be ordering a backup as well as another one after I do some more research. What an amazing product! These days I am more and more obsessed with Asian beauty products. They seem to be extremely affordable and they really do take care of a lot of issues we can have with our skin. I'll do a review of a new exfoliator from Japan that I've been using (though that was more like $40). 

Again, if you order this READ THE REVIEWS for the seller and make sure everyone received the real product. I bought mine from this seller. And I'm just about to buy another!♡

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the other ones i want to try.

more makeup monday ♥ lisa and lindsey

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