I've been trying out some new foundation...and I am blown away at the technology of the product. I have a couple of samples of Chanel's Lift Lumière. I didn't like Perfection Lumière. I wanted to. But it reeked of perfume and didn't sit well on my skin and was really weird after a few hours. So I didn't expect to like Lift Lumière. I think Lift Lumière is for more mature skin. But I've been taking care of my skin (well, I've been using good product...I would say being a sun bunny especially in my teens and 20s does not make me someone who took good care of her skin) for a long time, and there's no reason why you can't use a product for something that hasn't happened yet. It's prevention. And I have drier skin anyway. I am in love and blown away. My skin looks amazing and the foundation looks like skin and it lasts all day! The only thing is, the color sample I have is like the lightest shade, I think...IVOIRE I think is the name. I am not a super pale blonde girl. I have olive skin on the lighter side and brown hair. So I don't know why IVOIRE works. Today I decided to try the other shade they gave me...SOFT BISQUE which seems way too pink in the bottle. I don't think I love it as much as IVOIRE. I think I want to also try the color CLAIR. It's called the Lift Lumière Smoothing and Firming Fluid Makeup and it has an SPF of 15. See it here. I am going to try a couple more of the new Chanel foundations and I'll review them for you, too, after I've tried them out. 

Now onto some other drugstore finds that I am obsessed with...
First are those Maybelline Color Tattoo cream/gel eyeshadows. They're so RICH. I especially love one called Pomegranate Punk. It's like an expensive cranberry rich sparkly thing. I have green or hazel eyes depending on what they feel like being. This kind of color makes them look even more green. Plus, this is the kind of shade you'd find in Tom Ford's collection. It's very 70s disco wine. I have 4...Bad to the Bronze (stupid name...sounds cheap) and Tough as Taupe (which is good) and the reddish one I already mentioned. And then I have Too Cool, which I thought would be like a highlighter. But it's too white. I dunno. I could have done without it. I can't wait to see what new colors they (hopefully) come out with next. They're a realllly good product for the price, especially. ♡

maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow in pomegranate punk
maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow in bad to the bronze
tough as taupe...this color was so hard to get. it was always sold out.
too cool...wasn't so cool.

more makeup monday ♥  monotone romantics (i love this photoshoot so much)

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