I have my favorite YouTube makeup/beauty gurus...I guess at the top of my list would be Lisa Eldridge and Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. I feel like these are the glamorous older sisters I never had who know about good product and makeup tricks and looking feminine, modern and sexy. Recently I discovered a new guru...her name is PETRA KOZINA and her channel is here. She is amazing. A real artist. I scrolled down to comment on the first video I ever watched about how gorgeous and beautiful the makeup was and every other comment said the same thing and that they were thrilled to have found her channel. She does 60s bombshell like no other and she does a lot of other bombshell looks like no other. Plus, everyone loves listening to her Slovak accent. I couldn't even decide which videos to showcase....I hope after watching her videos a while that I can do my makeup to look like hers...even for a second. Go to her channel and show her some love! Here is her website. OH and PS I forgot to mention that she studied with Pixiwoo in their makeup program.♡

more makeup monday ♥ strawberry nails

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