Say what you wanna say, but if you can't say anything nice about this amazing fashion show, then you seriously like SERIOUSLY need to take the stick out of your bum! SOOOOOOOO fun! How amazing to have the freedom (and the financial freedom) to create any kind of show you want...even if it only lasts for 10 minutes and costs around a million! This Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012/2013 show was so so fun to watch. I stayed up late and watched it live and I loved it. Looked like the older, more sophisticated sister of the Marc Jacobs show...I loved this...not only because my good old friend Adele Mildred (who is the Head of Atelier at Stephen Jones) was one of people who created the hats (yea, Adele!), but because there was a freaking train on the stage filled with models and little men carrying the models' bags! So short...and so much fun. LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Marc Jacobs!(I'm almost really jealous...but not in a bad way...of my friend Adele and how she gets to work with him! :) But that girl is crazy talented and crazy confident and I'm totally STOKED for her!!!)♡

more wednesday wonder ♥ mugler 2011

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