Wow. I love this issue of Material Girl. I can't get or find this magazine in the States. But I did see a couple of issues at the last agency I was at because the lovely lady in charge of images knew of it and ordered a few. It's even cooler in person than it is online. I just noticed they are pushing the latest/new issue. Look at how cool they did this young nun story. It's gorgeous. I am going to try to get this issue or get a subscription somehow so it's not a million dollars. Or maybe someone reading this is somewhere where it's easy to get one and I can send some money over to get it for me. I heart it so so much. These are the magazines I would love to cover my novel (which we start promoting soon!!! eeeks! and YIPPEEE!)...Material Girl and Lula and Oh Comely and Pig mag and The Gentlewoman (I just saw the Christy Turlington is on the current issue's cover with a caption that reads, "OH WOW"...which was my thought exactly!)...I know most people in PR and esp fashion PR leap right over at the bigger/mass market publications. But, for anything really good, that's like a big no-no. Unless you're already the shit like Louis Vuitton or something. For new things, I think it's always better to come up from the cool smaller places. I think that'll give something a load more cred. But, hey...if someone massive wants to cover my book...ALL THE BETTER!♡

really amazing. like the flying nun (which was a comedy tv show before our time...like the 60s)

i always love how they do their accessory stories.

look at the gorgeous makeup!

close up

more girl friday ♥ model claudia devlin (who reads this blog :)

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