gorgeous shot
This show was really too gorgeous to pop one or two photos in a post....actually there have been a few shows in the past couple of days that have wowed me and I'll do some longer post and multiple posts on those in the next couple of days. The Dolce and Gabbana Fall Winter 2012/13 show had too many details that I loved plus too many pieces I loved plus the beauty and the shoes were amazing. I mean, can you imagine the showroom with all of these samples in there?? But one piece I loved and wished there were more images of were these very Marie Antoinette (à la Sofia Coppola's film) shoes...I would kill to own these. So so gorgeous. I'm sorry, but when I see shoes like this (and some others in some other shows) I just don't think Louboutin is killing it anymore. Just saying...♡

amazing. i'll do a post on the dark side of this collection soon. but i wanted to focus on the lighter cake-y side here.

what a gorgeous look. i'm so happy they ditched the sexy bustier madonna thing for a second.

hello, gorgeous. i will own a pair of these. i think this is my favorite color combo. magnolia cupcake bakery in nyc makes cupcakes frosted exactly (well, close) like this with these colors.

more thursday shoe ♥ nicholas kirkwood

images from vogue.com (cuz style.com lags)

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