I dunno about the whole Stella McCartney Fall 2012/2013 collection yet...I haven't really paid too much attention. I tend to browse through the show lookbooks quickly and I know right then if I'm taken...or not. But I do think they did a great job with the bright blue mascara...this bit looks chunky and electric and really suits almost every single type of girl. This is the shade of blue that I love for eyeliner (and the shade that was realllly popular in the 90s...Lancome had a great eyeliner in that shade back then...and this blue eyeliner is mentioned in my upcoming novel...LOADS of fashion and beauty in the book...). I can't tell if they applied black mascara first and then layered the blue over it or what. But it's definitely chunky and paired with a very very nude/pale/simple face. The KEY to this look to to apply a load on your BOTTOM lashes as well as the top. Really fantastic little detail and accessory (pretty much) to this show. I also love all the ballerina buns.♡

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