The Jil Sander Fall Winter 2012/13 collection was just amazing...as I've said before. But one of the main things I loved about it (or, rather, one of the dozens of things I loved about it) were the shoes and I immediately made a note to try to land a pair as I think they'll be really sought after and collected once they hit the market. I think they look like the inside of a computer...or your TV or something which is a great juxtaposition for the soft, sweet classic silhouettes of the show. One thing I thought was very strange, though, in seeking out these photos...my friend Adele Mildred (who I mentioned in a previous post as being the one who drew my logo girl as well as being the head of atelier at Stephen Jones/responsible for the hats at the Marc Jacobs show) told me they also did the berets with the veils at Jil Sander. I wanted to include one photo at least....but couldn't find a good one. Strange. She's doing Galliano next and then Louis Vuitton! OK....now back to the shoes! I don't know how much I LOVE a super pointy toe...I have a Louis Vuitton pair that I never wear because of this fact. But it seems to work well here. And I LOVE the colors!♡

more thursday shoe ♥ sergio rossi snake

images from style.com

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