It must be very hard for Raf Simons to step off the Jil Sander train after so long. But he sort of has to and I'm sure he's fine to do it...because the legend herself is coming back to sit at her thrown. Jil Sander will be overseeing her own namesake house once again. Very major change for the label/brand and for the future of this. Can you imagine if Jil came back and the response to the future was underwhelming? There are so many changes happening in fashion right now to big time houses that have had the same names reigning over the clothes. I think this swan song for the Jil Sander Fall 2012/2013 collection was absolutely lovely. Bye, Raf...can't wait to see what happens next. (PS I did read a lot of rumors about him possibly going to some HUGE house like Dior or something. We shall see.) See quote below from the Washington Post:

Earlier in the week, the Jil Sander Group announced that the founder herself was coming back as creative designer for the company she started in 1968.

The news opens a whole new chapter for the label that has enticed women and men with its minimalist elegant styles.

But for now the fashion world is left sad that Simons is leaving. The designer was moved to tears when, after popular demand-clapping, hooting and a spontaneous invasion of the runway, he was forced to take a second curtain call.


i mean, this is like an old movie star dress. just breathtakingly beautiful. too many dresses and coats and looks for me to say which ones i love because i loved them all.

love raf. we heart him so much.

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