...REPRESENT OKLAHOMA! I can't believe on the entirety of YouTube, the only kind of sort of documentary on amazing multi-Oscar winner for costume design icon Edith Head is from some fashion kids...in Oklahoma! (Respect!):

Today the Oscar stuff happens. But I think it's going to be a waste of my time to watch the gowns because it's so boring these days with the styling. I hope I'm wrong. But I thought of Edith Head (you can see previous film posts here featuring her work), whom I knew of since I was a kid. My mom used to talk to me a lot about her when I was little. She must have loved her work, too. And I did watch a ton of old movies grow up (and still do) especially the ones Edith Head worked on. I also own the Edna Mode doll which is amazing. Edna Mode is the designer-of-super-hero-costumes character in the film The Incredibles. The doll is interactive and critiques what you wear and silly fashion things like that. Anyway...rambling. Happy Oscars! (Let's keep our fingers crossed that 2012 brought with it risk-taking, have-their-own-style actors...like when Barbara Streisand won for Funny Girl and Cher wore that black Bob Mackie native outfit. I'll do posts on Bob Mackie and Cher's iconic Bob Mackie outfits soon.)

This video below is kind of weird, but it shows how the doll interacts with you and says all these amazing fashion things. (And one more thing...you can tell how old fashioned the people running ABC/Disney are because, after all this time, they STILL aren't doing a live stream of the Oscars. You still can't watch it online in real time!) Happy Sunday!♡

edith head

edna mode

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