I love what I've been seeing so far. So many young designers or fresh designers are being covered and the collections are so interesting. And FUN! I love love love designer Mona Kowalska's A Détacher Fall 2012 collection! It's enough girly and vintage and future and weirdness...like an old Pippi Longstocking movie. And the Clockwork Orange-esque makeup around the eyes is pretty awesome as well as the bright orange halos. I really loved this show.♡

kinda like bag lady chic...which my friends and i love...esp the artist girls i know.

very japanese and girly at the same time. i love the red tights.
i just bought a shorter dress that looks like this tunic.look at the makeup around the eyes.

that's a cute look for a runway.

more makeup monday ♥ topshop's unique

PS THERE will be more posts going up due to the shows...plus do not forget that the MARC show goes live on marcjacobs.com at 4:30 pst and 7:30 est!

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