I know we couldn't really see the faces too well under those giant mink hats at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 show (the hats were made by Stephen Jones and his head of atelier, my dear old friend Adele Mildred-who also drew the girl for my logo...I'll see if I can get her to do a guest post. She's been so busy since she went to London)...
Anyway...we couldn't really see the faces, and that's why I thought I should do a post because the makeup was actually gorgeous and overseen by François Nars himself...so you know the make up and the colors were GORGEOUS. Here is a bit from the style.com page about the beauty aspect to the show:

would you love to have this so you could frame it and hang it on your wall? i would. that's clearly christy turlington's face...!

Since Jacobs' wide-brim chapeaus covered a good quarter of models' faces, makeup maestro François Nars' job was similarly subdued. "The hats are very overpowering," Nars admitted, although that didn't deter him from inserting his own bit of "romance with a touch of decadence." Referencing the 1920's and Marchesa Luisa Casati, the face painter mixed the black shade from his Eyeshadow Duo in Panda (i think it might be pandora?) with his Eyeshadow in Bali to create a smoky "round" eye that he described as "really dreamy but sad, in a way." Skin was left purposefully bare—"no blush, no lip, just pale and very dewy," said Nars, who added a strong eyebrow and an even stronger lower lid, which he rimmed with his Eyeliner in Black Moon. "I'm using lots of mascara," he added, focusing on the lower lash line—a detail that was just barely visible beneath the headgear that Lindsey, Alana, Frida, and co. donned on the runway. At a Marc Jacobs show, every little detail counts.

i think you can get those hair clips at Ricky's in NYC.

i think this is like a spin on heroine chic from the 90s...and i think that's when the NARS makeup brand launched, too. just a thought...

i love this and esp the color of the lip!

hi, lindsey!
cute hair...

they don't have a credit on the site, but i am pretty sure this is FRANCOIS NARS.

more makeup monday ♥ get your bronze on

images from style.com

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