Like I always say, I am not a Jeremy Scott fan, for personal reasons. But sometimes I do like some of this pieces. I don't think he's a real designer. All the pieces tend to stay the same, pretty much, and then he changes up the prints. This collection for Fall 2012 was very rave to me. Which is like totally not my scene. But I did like a couple of the jumpers/sweaters.♡

i'm pretty sure this is a knock-off of a junior gaultier from the 80s dress.

same here. i remember that junior gaultier line had a lot of lovely colored stripes. i was kind of little, but my older cousin loved that brand and gaultier in general.

i like the jumper/sweater...but nothing else.

i think this is kind of predictable. but i like the sweater.

i like this emoticon dress/tunic sweater.

i love the sweater but everything else is weird. the thing is, jeremy scott didn't create emoticons...they're just placed on a sweater so how much cred does he get?

i kind of like the melting happy face on a fancy top..even though it's really rave and acid-ish. but everything else...eh.

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